These are our locations for Summer ’19

Want to find an open air cinema event near you? Well look no further!

We’ve got loads of events around the UK and we’re sure you’ll find one to suit you. Can’t find your town?
Why not contact us and we will see if we can set something up in your community!
Alternatively, follow our Facebook Page for live updates, competitions and new events! 

All the sound from our events is done through silent disco headphones so gone are the days of speakers blowing your ears of sitting right at the front or straining at the back because you can’t hear anything. Now the volume level is in your control.

We have a bar on site, we have hot food on site and for you who have a sweet tooth we have just the thing for you as well. So bring something comfortable to sit on, grab your favourite blanket, make yourself a picnic and treat yourself to a cheeky bottle (or two) of Prosecco from the Bar. Getting excited yet? We are!

Book yourself some tickets and you’re good to go. We’ll ping you over an email closer to the time so you have all the information on hand in once place with your tickets.

If you do ever have any questions, we’re always on hand on 07874842386 and happy to help with any questions you have.

And finally we’re always on the look out to help, so if you’re looking to raise money for your appeals by selling food or cakes, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Now go get those tickets before it’s too late x